Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Ten Most Important Security Trends of the Coming Year

Experts Predict the Future

  1. Mobile Devices,
  2. Government Action,
  3. Attack Targets,
  4. Attack Techniques,
  5. Defensive Strategies.

Top Ten Cyber Security Menaces for 2008

Twelve cyber security veterans, with significant knowledge about emerging attack patterns, worked together to compile a list of the attacks most likely to cause substantial damage during 2008. Participants included Stephen Northcutt, Ed Skoudis, Marc Sachs, Johannes Ullrich, Tom Liston, Eric Cole, Eugene Schultz, Rohit Dhamankar, Amit Yoran, Howard Schmidt, Will Pelgrin, and Alan Paller.  Here's their consensus list.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Renaming the Administrator Account?

Renaming the Administrator Account is a measure that can add to security defense. It certainly enhances security by preventing script attacks that assume the admin or root names. Jesper Johansson and Roger Grimes discuss this in their TechNet posting “The Great Debate: Security by Obscurity”.

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Kenneth Hamer-Hodges


ACL Security in Windows Vista

A posting on TechNet (by Jesper Johansson) discusses Vista Security changes. Jesper points out a few Vista changes that try to deal with ACL problems:

  • Accounts created during setup become administrators programs execute with Ambient Authority (administrative privileges, with free access to the file system.
  • Default ACLs includes ACL entries for Everyone, Power Users, etc, this includes the default ACL for C:\  gave Read and Create access to Everyone.
  • Limitations exist on ACLs to assign permissions to the an object that changes owner - permissions were not transferred.
  • Owners have implicit rights to an object, no matter what permissions they need.

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Kenneth Hamer-Hodges