Industrial Strength Cyber Society


By K. J. Hamer-Hodges, FIEE

The progress of industrial societies worldwide demands equality and justice in every way for one and for all. It is the journey called democracy. Equality and fairness is a constant fight between good and evil. Thus, it is not a destination but a journey. The evolution of democracy is driven by the development of civilizations and the use of technology by each society. Enlightened nations expect the laws of democracy to prevent dictators and limit government power. Computer science creates unrelenting challenges for democracy. Configured as global Cyberspace, humanity's hitherto time and space-limited interactions became instantaneous, unfettered, and international. 

Before Cyberspace, the evil in society was always limited by nature. Now, evil spreads instantaneously, amplifying the danger of evil worldwide. Democratic society interconnects with the undeveloped world with dictatorships, criminal gangs, and foreign and domestic enemies. Laws no longer operate as they did. Evil powers take immediate advantage, and civilization dies. Nothing limits cyber powers democratically to sustain the world we once knew.  Instead, cybersociety is run by digital dictators as governmental power fades within democratic nations. In cyberspace, power emanates from unconstrained AI software that can instantaneously reach foreign targets while avoiding all national laws. Life-supporting actions are blindly subcontracted to unreliable software as technology software is deployed for good and evil. 

Software automation changes the nature of human life. Computers and software extend and increase human abilities. But individuality and independence are lost. Software damages and distorts societies by the rules of a few blindly trusted software dictators. Individuals are not equal in Cyberspace. Digital justice is nonexistent and unfair. The nature of equality and the administration of justice is the inherited privilege of Cyber dictators. Unalienable rights are discarded, and democracy is thereby decapitated by the Cyber-titans who dictate general-purpose computer science. Civilization is sterilized by unfair privileges that replace the unalienable rights with the preferences of digital dictators. 

When served by general-purpose computers, cyber society lacks traditional industrial, physical strength. Instead, Cyberspace serves dictators, criminals, and enemies at the expense of freedom, equality, and the pursuit of happiness. General-purpose computers are designed as dictatorships run by centralized operating systems and almighty system administrators. The design fails every democratic nation because systemic digital corruption undermines democracy's future. The future is rewritten by software that is blindly trusted. 

Blind trust evaporated on computers that encourage dictators, criminals, and enemies to thrive. Corruption on a global scale rewards the few over the many caused by computer leaks like a digital sieve. Private data is confiscated by the dictatorial operating system and then stolen on-mass by human or software errors that could be prevented. Consider, for example, the spectacular failures of mission-critical software like Boeing's 737 Max disaster and massive data breaches at the NSA and every industrial giant. Catastrophe lurks throughout Cyberspace. From basic utility services to essential first responders and from the government to national defence, it must be fail-safe for democracy to survive. Politicians and enemies exploit these digital weaknesses to spread automated false news, target malware attacks, and remotely hack industrial infrastructure, destroying the cyber society's vitality, dependability, and progress. 

From WW2 to the first personal computer, the software was defined for time-shared batch processing. Then, the ubiquitously interconnected semiconductors changed from isolated mainframes in locked rooms to dramatically rewiring and surreptitiously rewriting every rule of democratic life. Jefferson's "unalienable right" to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" protected for over 200 years by a written constitution, is automated by the procedural software of general-purpose computer science that no one understands, no one can fathom and hides undetected corruption.  The business assumptions of stand-alone mainframes that cultivated the isolated computer only worked when batch processing ruled the day. 

Monolithic software compiled as static digital images is fragile and insecure. The asynchronous, parallel computations running day and night, near and far, fight one another on the active binary surface of simplistic, outdated, centralized computers. First built for stand-alone batch processing, the industrial dictators conscripted the primitive first-generation architecture for interconnected global Cyberspace. The procedural programming assumptions of the mainframe age lack any industrial strength essential for worldwide service and international stability. The instructions are like combustible match-stick in a fragile matchbox igniting incorrectly to destroy the shared fragile framework of a virtual machine. 

In the shared framework, commands easily misconstrue the rules of interaction as they touch the physical world. The rules are naive and confusing. Malware and hacks thrive in this volatile situation where the damp of malware intrudes to undermine the basement of computer science. The binary basement of a virtual machine is not just damp. It is mouldy. The first responders, system administrators, and centralized operating systems are inadequately compartmentalized. Consequently, A.I. software that exceeds human intelligence quickly undermines any individual achievement in the shared. rotting binary basement of Cyberspace. 

All digital actions take place on the binary surface of computer science. This is where the proprietor laws of the digital dictators replace democracy. Instead, the flawless mathematical science instilled in schools and universities should apply. The universal science of computations was formalized in 1936 by Alonzo Church, Alan Turing's tutor as the λ-calculus, the logic for the Turing Machine. According to the Church-Turing thesis, computer science is an endless machine that meshes like clockwork to prevent unwanted slips between logic and physics. Malware and hacking are precluded by this non-slip dynamically bound surface. The root cause of deliberate crimes, international Cyberwar, and accidental human error like the 737 catastrophe at Boeing are prevented by the non-slip mechanics of a scientifically engineered Church-Turing Machine. 

Onesided general-purpose computers that began after WW2 are just loosely programmed collections of individual instructions held together by compiled software easily disrupted by downloaded malware. They never needed non-slip, data-tight and function-tight programs because batch processing mainframes worked in eight-hour shifts on one algorithm at a time, without outside interference. The locked computer room was all that was needed. This all exploded when network hacking began. Each brand of computer reinvents a unique binary architecture. In every case, alternative, unscientific binary details replace the mathematical science of the Church-Turing Thesis. Binary programs developed for one machine cannot run on another computer because the binary structure is proprietary, unlike rock-solid science. Each design hides a unique set of unavoidable flaws. 

Compiled programs share memory to store indistinguishable data and code bound into a concrete binary image. For batch processing, it worked, but introducing dynamic interactions with the physical world, like browsing and instant messaging, is dynamic, not static. The concrete image preordained by a compiler is blind to the changes created by foreign downloads.  The general-purpose computer was not intended for dynamic, networked interactions. The accumulated effort to prevent dynamic errors is massive and unreliable. Procedural software cannot resolve corruption caused by slipping and sliding between hardware and programs on the active surface of computer science. The laws of time and space prevent sequential procedures from checking themselves. 

Corruption is caused by individual lines of imperfect code, introduced by accident or deliberately by design. Shared, unregulated privileges discombobulate binary proceedures. Attacks that originate from the far side of the world exploit this lack of engineered alignment between hardware and software. A binary computer is only data tight for one proceedure at a time, run in shifts, or perhaps a few procedures run by a single time-shared operating system. When stretched by a half century of networking without concern for software security it is unsurprising that cyberwars have grown out of unrestrained cybercrime. Binary computers are unscientific, pecular digital contraptions without consistent surface traction to prevent accidents. Especially accidents to complex mission-critical applications. Massive data breaches steal personal, industrial and national secrets without detection and without punishment. The disruption of Cyber-society will only be resolved when the surface of computer-science applies both sets of laws from the Church-Turing Thesis. 

Non-slip interactions are both data-tight and function-tight. It is how mathematics is taught on a chalkboard at school. Like Mathematics, trusted software is stabile across space and time. The pecular binary assumptions of general-purpose computers must be hidden by the object oriented boundaries of machine code abstractions created by a Church-Turing machine. Object-oriented machine code does not slip or slide because the boundary between individual abstractions and corresponding reality are hard wired. Object-oriented machine code detects errors that cause slips. Undetected error, dynamically introduced by A.I., by deliberate malware, by remote hackers, and by software flaws collectively sabotage Cyberspace. Alternatives to the 737 Max doom Cyber-society because untimatly all software in Cyberspace is life threatening. Undetected corruption  by a trivial game program can guarantee a violent reentry from virtual reality by another program. The unyielding physical nature of life caused by uncontrolled corruption cause innocent citizens to perish in a computer crash. 

Sudden death is not insured, a thousand cuts over extended time is equally undesirable. Unlike an aircraft crash, the decline and fall of America. All used by lost Cyberwars, uncontrolled growth in cybercrime, and the loss of individual, democratic rights including privacy and freedom. Ultimately the general-purpose computer science is run by binary dictators. Their solution is medieval, farming citizens as sheep. In every case, individual life becomes unbearable. 

The level-playing field of mathematical science is not defined by binary data, but by mathematics and  computational science in encapsulated in the Church-Turing Thesis. John von Neumann cut corners with his WW2 proprietory architecture for binary computers. Atomically, both Turing and von Neumann's binary computations implement physical realizations of Alonzo Church's universal model of computation.  

When the atomic nature of mathematics was distorted and stretched as a bigger binary computer beyond simple batch processing, the level playing field of science became the cyber-titans' branded dictatorships. Unfair privileges destroy mathematical integrity in an overstretched binary computer. The smallest crack or gap gaps in the mathematical logic allow undetected corruption to multiply. 

The incomplete implementation of the Church-Turing Thesis allows flawed and overstretched assumptions to be misused by America's global enemies, international criminals, and home-grown but poor quality binary software to exist and remain undetected. This digital corruption is the rust of industrial Cyberspace. Rust can be solved at higher levels of abstraction using encryption and block chain technology, but at the binary level of a general-purpose computer, corruption can only be solved by pure mathematical science. Machine level corruption stole control from the pilots to chash two 737 Max aircraft and ground the fleet. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign was stalled by a targeted email and unexpected but massive data loss hurts every automated business. Finally, endless cases of Identity Theft cap individual creativity, stalling industrial investments, and small business growth. 

Branded binary conventions and procedural software at the machine level must be handcrafted by cult experts. This cottage-industry process lacks industrial strength that cannot be restored by the higher levels of abstraction. Binary computing is an unwitting willing promoter of global Cyberwar. Organized gangs, remote data breaches, crafted crimes, targeted phishing attacks are all undetected, executed by undisciplined binary machines that lack a cohesive architecture, further spoiled by the destructive assumptions of tyrannical, privileged operating systems. 

Self-interested Cyber-titans rule their digital kingdoms with the iron fists of medieval barons. Binary data rightfully belongs to individuals, but it is confiscated on sight, easily stolen, and slavishly resold for naked profit. Corruption hides in the cracks linking branded assumptions of proprietory binary data. General-purpose computers were designed for stand-alone mainframes then locked in splendid isolation. Networking changed the rules required for industrial-strength Cyber-society. 

Life in Cyberspace is dominated by fear of cybercrime. Individuality is suppressed by parochial rules of dictatorial titans fighting among themselves for global domination.  Cyber-citizens are cannon fodder, digital peasants, tithed as indentured servants of digital landlords. Freedom and individuality are lost because independence is suppressed. The outdated mainframe architecture imprisons software functionality. 

When low-cost semiconductors replaced mainframes, science was left behind. Private data is deliberately trapped by web searching, app stores, payment channels, data warehouses, and proprietary operating systems. Cyber-society lists like a sinking ship highjacked by pirates demanding ransom. Criminals are ignored by paid henchmen. Plagued by digital leaks, intimidated by fear of attack, slaved to serve the branded interests of Cyber-titans the nation staggers from crisis to crisis. 

In binary Cyberspace, rights evaporate. The memorialized constitution, consecrated by bloody wars, is shredded. Freedom must be preserved by every generation for innocent descendants to survive in Cyberspace at peace with the past and the future. Every generation benefits if hidden threats, naked bias, criminal intimidation, and dictatorial corruption is purged forever. Transparency from scientifically engineered rules levels the playing field for worst-case conditions. 

Undetected crime, opaque authority, crafted crimes, and global hacking is created on outdated computer-science.  The software requires computers to act as first responders for both program errors and crafted attacks. John von Neumann's architecture for binary computers implements only half of the Church-Turing Thesis. The missing half is Alonzo Church's universal computational model for networked abstractions that integrate with the physical world. 

Cyber-society cannot be run by branded digital dictators. Cyber-titans like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft must convert to the universal computational model that implements the scientific model taught to children at school. Free and independent computations that work symbolically, asynchronously, privately, distributed, and in parallel. One child's mistake does not infect another and the data they substitute in symbolic expressions is always private instead of public. This is nature's, scientific solution to complexity. This universal solution works in every language from Kindergarten to the greatest universities in the world. To share mathematical machine code guarantees the written constitution and a bill of rights for Cyberspace as the monumental achievement of the 21st Century. To fail will lead to a national catastrophe. 

The explicit rights of democracy belong to 'We the people' not to Cyber-titans, criminals, enemies, and trouble makers. These rights must remain certain for every citizen of the free world. This generation, like all others, must win the fight for equality and justice, at home and abroad, in Cyberspace and in the natural world because the evil side of human nature is reborn with every generation. Equality and freedom are endless fights that have moved from the street into global software to return as monstrous Cyber-dictatorships. 

Transparent computer science is a fight for the infallible automation of mathematics. Error-free mathematics calculated from symbols on a teacher's chalkboard. Symbolic computations infallibly automate by at school demonstrates the power of mathematical perfection from flawless expressions, purged of human error. This schoolroom model of computer science is devoid of malware and hacking. 

Released from the authoritarien controls needed for binary operating systems to work at all, individuals acquire infallibly automated, mathematical perfection. Individual symbols deconstruct software into protected function abstractions. Each represents a symbol in a scientific namespace of related function abstractions. Mathematics computed this way at school as (a + b = c) or later in university as E=m*c^2. 

Computer science implemented this way, used object-oriented machine code. Infallibly automation is achieved by flawless expressions of logic as a DNA tree of computations. Each mathematical namespace has hierarchical computational paths, navigated by calculations made along the way. An object-oriented namespace is modular. The atomic, molecular components in precise scientific equations. The DNA structure is computed in parallel, for example by children at school, navigating the expressions on the chalkboard. This fully transparent model purges all opaque power and eradicates malware. Power is decentralized as a level playing field of individual namespace systems.  Hackers and dictators can only attack themselves. Freedom exists for every individuals to flawlessly automate mathematical needs of infinite complexity for any private need. 

Cutting to the chase, democracy in Cyberspace depends on the infallible automation of mathematics. Like the Abacus and the slide, rule software must adopt the schoolroom model. Flawless mathematical calculations level the playing field equal for all. The universal computational model is the digital solution of scaleable Cyber-democracy worldwide. 

Nature's universal model of computation replaces the well-intentioned, best-effort of John von Neumann after WW2. Pervasive malware, unrestrained hacking, and dictatorial architectures are unacceptable characteristics for the survival of democracy morphed into Cyberspace. The criminal framework is inadequate for global Cyber-society to interact, grow, prosper. Cyber-society is the future of Civilization. It must be purged of crime and dictators. The future depends on trusted software, industrial-strength software that automatically resists malware and prevents dictatorial hacks. The schoolroom model of computer science is nature's only acceptable approach. 

Trusted software uses secure, hardware protected function abstractions to enforce national standards of law and order as enshrined by the constitution in Cyberspace. Each nation can protect its own standards independently on a common scientific platform. Extending laws of the land into Cyberspace is vital for nations and individuals to blossom as a Cyber-democracy instead of a Cyber-dictatorship. Trust depends on the full force of engineered science to enforce the schoolroom model.