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The Fate of AI Society

The fate of AI in society is a topic of much debate and a lot of wild speculation. The future of AI as a society will be shaped by a combination of technological advancements more than ethical considerations. The problem is that cyberspace is flawed by malware and cyber crime. These flaws allow the dark side of cyberspace to win the war between good and evil that rages in cyberspace.  Visionaries like Max Tegmark and Elon Musk think the breakout of superhuman Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a human catastrophe. Civilization will die if this incomprehensible power escapes human control.  Software guardrails must exist that prevent the flaws that lead to malware and hacking. All unauthorized activity including AI breakout must be resolved or the world will never live in peace.  The science of mathematics and logic offer a perfect level solution that prevents the breakout problem. defined by the Church-Turing thesis dynamically bound by the laws of the Lambda Calculus.  A Church-Turi

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