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PATENT SPECIFICATION (21y Application Na 5994/71 March 1971

(2) Complete Separation filed 18 Feb 1972 (44) Complex Species published 23 Jan. 1974 (31) international Classification GosF11/00 ( Index a space GIA 18 12D 12N 12P 16G 16H 16 1F 4R (72) taveniors CHARLES SAMUEL REPTON PETER CHARLES VENTON and KENNETH JAMES HAMER-HODGES (54) FAULT DETECTION AND HANDLING ARRANGEMENTS FOR USE IN DATA PROCESSING SYSTEMS (71) We. THE PLESSEY COMPANY dundancy. This is particularly relevant in LIMITED, a British Company of 3/60 so called multi-processor systems where the Vicarage Lane Ilford, Essex, do hereby removal of one of the programos severely declare the invention for which we pray that A tent may be granted to us and the method by which it to be performed, to be particularly described in and by the follow ing statement restricts the spare capacity of the processor system. The rejection of the faulty equipment leaves the operational system in a critical atate until some reconfiguration mechanism is activated to replace the faulty equipment by a spare

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