Customize Shell

Add the following lines to SetChrome() in ~\Source\Infrastructure\Infrastructure. Foundation\FoundationModule.cs to identify the Shell version and application title:

private void SetChrome() {
Shell.Icon = Resources.GetIcon(ResourceNames.LogoIcon);
//kjhh: Alternative Shell Title using assembly values
Shell.Text = Shell.CompanyName + " - "
+ Shell.ProductName + " Version "
+ Shell.ProductVersion; }

Update the icon (to correspond to the Splash Screen icon) this should be done by replacing the resource file IdeaBlade image “LogoIcon” with a new ico file (delete first then add an existing file into the same location). The icon is found at ~\Source\Infrastructure\Infrastructure.Foundation\Resources\LogoIcon.ico
Also replace the SplashImage at ~\Source\Infrastructure\Infrastructure.Foundation\Resources\
Where xxx is a valid image file type extension.