Critical Security Update for Internet Explorer

This alert provides you with an overview of the new security bulletin released (out of band) on Wednesday, December 17, 2008. Microsoft released security update MS08-078 to address a new vulnerability allowing remote code execution in Internet Explorer. MS08-078 has a maximum severity rating of Critical for all versions of Internet Explorer. This security update was released outside of the usual monthly security bulletin release cycle in an effort to protect customers.

We request that you take action immediately by first assessing and preparing your own systems and networks and applying the security update, then reaching out to your customers to assist them in securing their systems and networks by applying the update.

For details, please read the full bulletin for MS08-078 on the Microsoft TechNet Security TechCenter. On Thursday, December 18 at 11am Pacific Time, Microsoft is hosting a webcast to address questions about this bulletin.

Kenneth Hamer Hodges