Re: [Caja] WASM and ocaps


On Nov 3, 2017 5:56 PM, "Mark Miller" <> wrote:
At the latest wasm (Web Assembly) standards meeting, I pointed out that wasm is already an OS-like ocap system: A wasm instance, with its linear data space + table of opaque external functions/objects is already a process-granularity-like unit of isolation with an address space and a clist. A wasm computation addresses its clist entries by clist index as expected. In addition, wasm currently obeys the following restriction.

> WebAssembly instances must never be able to cause effects other than by wielding explicitly granted access (e.g. the importObject in a JS embedding).

According to Andreas Rossberg (cc'ed), this is on purpose, even though the people in the room at the time did not seem to know that. I suggested that it be made normative, so security uses of this restriction would not be compromised by later "enhancements" that accidentally break this unarticulated restriction.

is the one to watch. Assuming I do a good job clarifying the agreement we just came to, and assuming the agreement holds in the face of these clarifications, it looks like wasm will explicitly be the object-capability system it was designed to be.

Andreas and Bradley (also cc'ed), please clarify or expand as appropriate. If you don't want to subscribe to these lists, send your posts to me and I will forward. Thanks.



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