My Publications

Fault Resistance and Recovery within System 250. ICCC USA 10.1972 Fault Tolerant Multiprocessor Design for Real Time Control. Computer Design 12.1973 Multiprocessor Controlled Switching Systems. CNET/CNRS France 7.1975 A System for the Implementation of Privacy and Security. ICCC 9.1976 Capability Based Systems. Symposium on Operating Systems 11.1977 Lead paper on System 12 Integration and Field Experience. ISS Italy 5.1984 Field Experience of Computer Controlled Switching Systems. FTCS16 Austria 7.1986 A Perspective on Object Oriented Programming. ACM Washington D.C. 4.1988 Chairman WCF on "Broadband Evolution and Campus Drivers" Phoenix, AZ 2.1993 "The Carrier Network Perspective" 7th Broadband Networks, Washington D.C. 11.1993 "SALT and Web-IVR" DeVry University, Florida.NET May 2004 Architecture review of Composite UI Application Block (CAB) for rapid development of Smart Clients - South Florida Code Camp Feb 2007 Architecture Choices for Security - Functionality with Security - Florida .Net Aug 2007