The best book on computer security for all to read!

Civilizing Cyberspace: The Fight For Digital Democracy 
by Kenneth Hamer-Hodges (Author)

The attacks on cyber democracy will never end while the subject of cyber-security is too dry to understand, and a good text must be short. This book tries to address the need, not for experts but for the public to comprehend. My goal is to provoke a public outcry on a misguided future and the urgent need for sanity through Industrial Strength Computer Science. Like it or not, the nation is at war, and all are at risk; damaging cyber-society by accident in the pre-electronic age was never cataclysmic, but now critical flaws in the essential technology of the electronic age are actively destroying the nation.  The General-Purpose Computer is the enemy. It breaks the grand American experiment of a free society.  Civilizing Cyberspace is a long-term fight for digital democracy that will only exist if citizen users hold the keys to privacy and security in cyberspace. This book shapes the debate and outlines the solution to cybercrime and branded dictatorship. Get your copy now at Amazon.