The Future of Democracy in Cyberspace

This book is for all. Especially those concerned about our democracy. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and others are building global dictatorships. They amass absolute power for their corporate monopolies that transform the world you live in. Democracy in cyberspace is relinquished to these corporate dictators who only serve their selfish interests. They are global companies, disinterested in democracy or citizens' rights. They continue to build their dictatorships using harmful software and dangerous hardware to bypass national laws, social order, and civil justice needed by every industrial democracy.
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Throughout history, dictators use henchmen and gangsters, think hackers and criminal malware, to rob citizens, keep them poor and subjugated, limiting retaliation while they roam free, grow wealthy and escape unpunished. This criminal class digitally rapes and pillages the frightened population while lining their own pockets. There are no rules, no locks, and no keys in the basement of networked Cyberspace. Every time you turn on your computer or power up your smartphone unlimited crooks rush through open doors to steal your secrets, track your movements and read your private, online thoughts.

Crooks, silently snoop around, invisibly track your personal stuff, steal your secret bank credentials, abuse your list of friends and reach into your private data, whenever they please. They are doing it right now, as you read this warning, and you can't stop it because no one cares. The outdated design standards of the Cold War mainframes mean no one checks. No one knows until long after the harm is done when the thieves have vanished, the trail is cold and too late to prevent the intended catastrophe.

Worse still, enemies in Russia, China, North Korea, and elsewhere deliberately attack, intending to destroy American democracy, destroy industries, harm family life,  and steal our secrets to remove everything the nation holds dear. They hide in buildings on streets you would never visit, using old or new smartphone lines with a high-speed computer to access the exposed secrets of industrial society but the industry selling these computers never say so and worse, the harm grows because it cannot be stopped. It is how dictators stay in charge. But no says this because they are all making too much money!

Well, now you know! Things will only get worse unless society fights back in a new civil war. A War for Cyber-Democracy and the mechanisms for a civilian government, in Abe Lincoln's words 'a Government of, by and for the people'. My book explains the threats and the revolution needed for democracy in the 21st Century to protect your nation, guard your rights and preserve your privacy forever. I explain how digital dictators and criminals can be caught 'red-handed' and tamed in cyberspace. Only when the crimes of malware and hacking are detected on the spot, by a level technology playing field, can the gangsters and enemies be brought to justice for American democracy to survive.