Infallible Automation

Author Kenneth J Hamer-Hodges
Country United States
Language English
Subject: Securing the future of Cyber Society
Genre - Non-fiction
Publisher Self, date  1-1-2020
Media type Print (paperback) and Kindle ebook
Pages 419, ISBN 978-1-95-163044-7

Civilizing Cyberspace: The Fight for Digital Democracy explores a crime-ridden or democratic future. Computer scientist Kenneth Hamer-Hodges explains computer the science of computer security. He proved trusted software through least-privileged software and least-authority hardware to guarantee the mathematics of computer networks. Flawless mathematics secures the future. It wins the Wars in Cyberspace by preventing cybercrimes, detecting hackers, containing AI breakouts and powering cyber-democracy through data privacy.

It is the Lambda Calculus installed as a Meta-Machine to encapsulate the symbols of mathematics in an atomic Turing Machine that creates Industrial Strength Computer Science. Pure mathematics that lasts for centuries on the rails of the Lambda Calculus. A digital DNA of Capability Keys shapes each species of software, detecting, and resolving infections on the spot. This Church-Turing Architecture guarantees a crime-free, fail-safe, future-safe cyber democracy, controlled by citizens.

A level computational playing field of pure mathematics not only ends hacking and malware, but it also deconstructs the monolithic, centralized powers of corruption. Instead, power is distributed to citizens as demanded by democracy. The survival of the nation depends on pure mathematics resting firmly and certainly in the hands of the public, instead of monopolies.

This is vital, Max Tegmark, the MIT cosmologist, his co-founder Jean Tallinn at the Future of Life Institute (FLI), and the visionary Elon Musk all agree the break-out of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a catastrophe. Life 3.0 once beset by AI's superhuman power will amplify the dark side of cyberspace. Malware and hacking and software breakout are only tamed by hardware and the Church-Turing Thesis squares this circle. Mathematics is perfectly leveled by a Church-Turing Machine, where scientifically are dynamically bound by the civilized laws of the Lambda Calculus

A Church-Turing Machine matches the clockwork certainty of the Abacus, the Slide Rule, and Charles Babbage's infallibly automated Analytical Engine. The fail-safe mathematics is perfectly scaled by Alonzo Church's universal model for computation where private data, remains private. John von Neumann's overstretched Turing Machine is replaced by infallible automation for humanity, morality, ethics, culture, and civility to remain in charge. 

It took the clockworks of the Slide Rule that culminating when Buzz Aldrin used this $10 computer to land Eagle on the Moon to power the Industrial Revolution. But today's binary computers are neither convenient, safe nor flawless. Only a Church-Turing Machine elevates computer science to another level. Industrial Strength Computer Science is the technology for an endless Cyber-Revolution. 

Backward designs are crippling progress while software corruption accelerates towards uncheck catastrophe. Two hundred years ago, Ada Lovelace wrote the first program. It remains a mathematical function abstraction of Bernoulli Numbers. Her work lasts like the Abacus and the Sile Rule because it is the same future-safe mathematics taught at school. The object-oriented function abstractions in a Church-Turing Machine redefine the future of software as Industrial Strength Computer Science. Material qualified scientifically for a lasting Cyber-Revolution, bridging the present to the endless future.

However, a time limit exists when soon AI break-out will oppress society. By then, within a decade Industrial Strength Computer Science must exist. The Internet of Things must become a prooving ground of faithful mathematical servants that last, secure, and future-safe for the cyber-revolution and cyber democracy to prosper hand in hand.

Kenneth J Hamer-Hodges, author of Civilizing Cyberspace: The Fight for
Digital Democracy

The Competition
The standard excuse for computer catastrophe, offered by the industry commenced at SOSP'77, led by Butler Lampson. Ever since users are blamed for failing to follow Best-Practices, even, in 2019, the pilots in the Boeing 737 Max catastrophes were blamed for accelerating vertically into the ground! The curse of General-Purpose Computer Science is the over-centralized, overexposed monolithic-privilege in General-Purpose Computers. Flaws are papered over by skilled Best-Practices, hard for the public to follow but easily exploited by international criminals and hostile states. They successfully attack, damage, rob, and contaminate any chosen targets.

Infallible automation prevents these attacks while automating tasks for public use and removing the internal threat vectors used by Edward Snowden and low-quality programs. Once cyberspace is mathematically automatically it is safe for global use. Only when private data belongs to individual citizens will democracy survive. 

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