Civilizing Cyberspace: The Fight for Digital Democracy

This book is for all. In particular those concerned about American democracy. The likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple are building cyber dictatorships. Their commercial impetus remakes the world to their benefit, undermining democracy to some branded commercial interests. These global companies ignore national interests and citizens' rights. Their branded justice built in software usurps traditional law, order and justice. Civilization converts to corrupt dictatorships.

Throughout history, dictators need henchmen to stay in power. The dirty work in a cyber dictatorship is performed by hackers and criminals who rob citizens to keep them enslaved to a medieval lord while corruption roams free and crime is unpunished. Digital rape and pillage frightenes the population while lining other pockets. Every time you run a program on a computer or a smartphone crooks enter through unguarded back doors. No locks and keys limit access to the basement of global Cyberspace. Thieves steal secrets, track movements and can access your most private, online thoughts.

These crooked henchmen silently spy, invisibly track your keystrokes, steal secret credentials, abuse your listed contacts and reach into your private notes as they please. They are at it 24x7. Even as you read this warning, you can’t stop it because no one cares about you as an individual. No one even knows about it until the harm is done and the criminals have escaped. The harm is only discovered months or years later.

These enemies of civilization, harm family society, steal peaceful life and destroy everything vital to progress. They live on the dark side of the world in lawless places one would never visit using high-speed data links to access secrets to life. The computer industry won't tell this. Worse still, no one cares, they just want your money and the destruction of civil society!

Well, I'm telling you it will only get worse until citizens fight back. It is a civil war to keep a government of, by and for the people. To regain control and make cyberspace safe for the endless future, digital dictators and their criminal henchmen must be tamed. American justice must apply in cyberspace. Criminals must be brought to justice for democracy to be restored.