Plumbing Cyberspace

Dictatorial software controls life in Cyberspace, but life-supporting software without industrial-strength only leads to tragedies like the Boeing 737 Max, massive data thefts, and stolen intellectual property. Thieved accounts and nefarious administrators mix with phishing emails to attack individuals, elections, candidates, influential media, destroying value, and stealing secrets from industry and the government agencies like the NSA. Ransomware alone cost city governments and service providers over $140 million in the first six months of 2020.
When enemies takedown international companies and the largest credit agencies, 100s of millions of innocent citizens suffer. This is counterproductive, stretching beyond affordable cost while creating a national nightmare that spills from social media onto the streets. As the crisis boils, unacceptable Cyber-dictators surface.
Software, obscured by confusing privileges, demands cult followers and dictatorial superusers to run Cyberspace. Innocent Citizens are lost at sea in a baffling fog, where even private data is cut adrift. The nuts and bolts of binary software are exposed to despotic machine code that steals and spies, while trusted software is impossible. Data stolen without warning or indication allows thieves, rogues, and enemies to escape punishment.
Blind trust in uncertain software grows, and more civilians will die, but death is only one of the dire consequences. As Cyberwars are lost, the Cyber-titans steal America's written constitution as they enslave the population. Dictatorial, proprietor, cult software takes charge. Suppressed by adherence to Cyber-titans' rules, freedom is exchanged for incomprehensible best-practices needed to survive everyday life. Justice dies as blind trust in the titans' software allows criminals to run wild and escape without punishment. 
General-purpose computers, full of criminal deception, undermine America. Competing Cyber-titans ignore all civil emblems; the written constitution and three government branches are nowhere to be found. Instead, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon rule Cyberspace as fiefdoms to expand their global grip. Worse, general-purpose computers allow proprietory government censorship and spying on the global population. 
To stop cult dictators and corrupt henchmen trading fear for obedience, individuals must run Cyberspace as a citizens' democracy. Democratic Cyber society prevents cybercrime, keeping private data private by enforcing the universal computation model from the Church-Turing Thesis and returns the public's power over our collective destiny.