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The problem with computer science and cyberspace are national concerns. The threats confound civilized, industrialized society. Only dictators are happy. Spies and criminals attack individuals and businesses, stealing identities, scrambling data, and demanding money. Ransomware signifies the future, but everything worsens as civilization decays. Through cyberspace, enemies undermine our institutions and stable government. The threats reduce the freedom, equality, and justice of a democratic society. With ever-increasing amounts of sensitive data stored on computers, keeping this data secure is vital for the future of life in a functioning, democratic society. Ultimately, the software in global cyberspace will automate and dominate life in every respect. At the same time, cyber-criminals find new ways to gain unauthorized access to digital systems, steal sensitive information, and change how life works. With the rise of the internet and social media, collecting data for crime and misuse is effortless. When privacy breaks down, there is an understandable public outcry. As technology advances, computers are outdated. Updating hardware and software is costly and time-consuming. The skilled effort required to ensure things function correctly has reached society's ability to meet the need. Everything points downhill toward national and international disasters. As ever, science is the salvation for civilization, and the Church-Turing Thesis reveals how.
The Red Queen4.pdf
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