The Fate of A.I. Society

National concerns over AI-enabled computer science amplify the
insecurity problems with all brands of binary computers now spread
across cyberspace. Digital convergence created the convenient but
existentially dangerous medium of global, binary cyberspace. It is
digitally insecure and tilted to favor dictators, enemies, and criminals
using malware to spy, pry, steal, disrupt, and dominate. Innocent
citizens are overwhelmed by opaque complexity deliberately sustained by
industrial dictators to retain their captive markets. Instead, for the
survival of civilized society, cyberspace must be democratic, with equal
power for all, as defined by the cornerstones of civilization, science,
and democracy.
But computers are frozen in the past, the same centralized, binary
technology used before the Internet, when IBM dictated the mainframe
age, using privileged operating systems installed as a super-user to
enslave others as mere users. Hackers, spies, criminal gangs, industrial
dictators, governments, and enemies capitalize on the unfair disparity
that leaves exploitable gaps in the fabric of computer science. The
enslaved users are powerless and shut out; they have no digital power to
resist, so dangerously, they also run as other superusers.
Outdated by the passing decades, each brand of binary computer demands
hours of exceptionally skilled human effort to sustain. The deliberately
opaque but digitally unsafe and scientifically flawed binary computer is
the enemy of progress. Antiquated by time and besieged by malware, the
backward-compatible binary computer is obsolete. Distracted by attacks,
the digital dictators struggle to survive, distributing monthly upgrades
that may not be installed, subverted by outdated, unscientific
decisions, and the past has caught up. In enemy hands, the tidal wave of
A.I. will overwhelm democracy worldwide.
Spies, criminals, and enemies already have the upper hand on this
tilted, binary playing field that lacks the structured rules and
guardrails of physical, engineered designs built scientifically to pass
the real tests of time and able to constrain A.I.-enabled malware.
Centralized software in shared binary computers, frozen decades ago,
lacks the structured science of the Church-Turing Thesis and cannot
resist superhuman malware because the networked science of the
Lambda-Calculus is missing.
Understanding this modular science, ignored in the heyday of isolated
mainframes, is essential for democratic law and order and purging
malware throughout cyberspace; Alonzo Church and his graduate student
Alan Turing defined the fair distribution of computational power by
encapsulating Turing's Binary computer as the engine of the
Lambda-Calculus adding concurrency and networked computation to the
Lambda (a binary computer) in the Lambda-calculus, (the mathematical and
logical science).
The physical weakness of centralized, dictatorial binary computers
cannot cope with ever-more dangerous criminal software and expanding
superhuman threats of A.I. throughout interconnected cyberspace to
enemies worldwide. A.I.-enabled software has many powerful benefits, but
power corrupts, and A.I.-enabled society demands cyberspace to evolve to
cope with this overwhelming, everlasting condition.
People's power sustains democracy, ultimately by demonstrating on the
streets. But no streets exist in binary cyberspace; power is hidden and
opaquely dictatorial. The centralized dictatorships crush democracy and
must disappear. The trade routes and roads connecting digital
civilization must be transparent, or George Orwell's threat of Big
Brother will emerge worldwide.
China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea lead the way. Democracy is so
easily and quickly subverted by corruption by the centralized
dictatorships of binary computers. The added power of A.I.-malware will
ultimately extinguish democratic laws and order. A.I. will destroy
culture and communities, like the first Gothic cathedrals that also
lacked structural engineering. This time sabotaging binary computers,
killing innocent citizens, and terminating democracy, potentially all at
once and worldwide.
Hardware must stay ahead of software to level the playing field,
preventing advanced malware and constraining software through the laws
of science, as expressed by the missing half of the Church-Turing
Thesis. Even A.I. malware that learns to lie still cannot break the
fundamental rules of logic and mathematics. Ultimately, the laws of
nature determine the fate of A.I. society.
Software became the Red Queen in Alice's mystical Chess Game, with
powers to cheat, ignore, and usurp the rules of binary computers,
unfairly using malware to redefine winners and losers across cyberspace.
Computer hardware and software must be scientifically neutral by being
flawlessly scientific. But the centralized, dictatorial binary computer,
powered by A.I., becomes a weapon of mass destruction. The superhuman
strength of A.I. confounds individuals, communities, and nations.
Only dictators, criminals, and enemies confidently misuse the global
reach of such dangerous power. Spies and gangsters will improve their
attacks on individuals, businesses, and governments, swiftly stealing
confidential data, overwhelming opinions on social networks, forging
news and identities, scrambling data and results, overruling democratic
law and order, demanding money, and turning democracy into dictatorship.
Uncivilized terrorists, greedy industries, skilled hackers, and
motivated hacktivists will break down law and order, making like
unbearable, far worse than the Wild West, without the hope of human
Ransomware attacks highlight the failure of binary computers and
centralized operating systems for global cyberspace. As functionality
splits between good and evil, society discombobulates, corruption grows,
and government fails. A.I. will ruthlessly accelerate this ending of
digital society as hostility grows. Polarization emerges on every issue,
from politics, religion, and culture, to social norms. Increased
conflict, tension, and hostility between individuals and groups
negatively impact social cohesion, law and order, governance, and
progress, all driven by the un-science of monolithic binary computers
undermining institutions, laws, order, and traditions. A.I. society
under these conditions is self-destructive. The danger grows
exponentially, and losses mount correspondingly as democratic freedom,
equality, and justice evaporate.
Powered by A.I., everything worsens; there is only one way to halt the
downturn to digital destruction. The universal science of nature is
uniformly fair to every world citizen. Flawless computer science is
neutral, guided by natural laws, powered by the hands of every
individual citizen, as taught at school, and as needed to sustain a
democracy, digital or otherwise. Then computer hardware, not software,
physically guards the world's individuals against the dark sides of
humanity using universally fair laws of mathematical logic.
Understandable science, undeniably equal to all in fail-safe computers,
offers privacy, security, and equality uniformly to all. It is the only
cultural solution, internationally acceptable, to run AI-enabled
With ever-increasing amounts of automation needing sensitive data stored
on computers, rapid software improvements leading to pervasive A.I.,
criminal imperfection reaching worldwide, and digital dictatorships
failing to protect national secrets, keeping digital life safe and
secure already exceeds individuals and society. Life as a functioning,
democratic cyber society depends on cyberspace's stability, accuracy,
and maintainability.
Eventually, A.I. automates and changes every aspect of life, making
democratic power vital to sustaining the largest machine ever to be
built by civilization delivering scientific equality, freedom, and
security, as the only hope for worldwide peace. A.I. urgently demands we
rethink the cockpits of cyberspace to deliver the full promise of
computer science as an open, free, civilized cyber society.
Cyber-criminals cannot be allowed additional criminal access powers
within digital networks to steal more sensitive information and silently
use unfair advantages present even in digital dictatorships found in
binary computers. It must stop, but binary computers are flawed,
digitally unsound, and democratically unsafe, while A.I. has the
superhuman power and speed to drive Orwellian society. The rise of A.I.
makes data collection and crimes effortless and instantaneous. Using
Deep Fakes and pervasive cameras sabotaged to follow every movement at
home, on the road, and at work, Big Brother is watching you. There is an
understandable public outcry because privacy is nonexistent, people's
power is missing, digital security cannot be trusted, and improvement
fails. Only the dark side wins.
The problem is computers remain stuck in the past while A.I. exceeds
human ability. While software improved, computers are deliberately
opaque, frozen, and outdated. Updating hardware and software is costly
and time-consuming. Furthermore, hardware changes disrupt captive
markets. But the skilled effort required to maintain complex, obsolete
hardware and monolithic software now exceeds society's ability. A.I.
accelerates everything downhill toward a national and international
disaster. Science is the only salvation, and the Church-Turing Thesis,
the cornerstone of computer science, holds the key to the stability of
AI-enabled society. If action is not taken immediately, civilization
will end. The only hope is a Phoenix recovery that rebuilds computer
science through the laws of science of nature instead of ideology and
commercial self-interests.