The Digital Science and the Church-Turing Theseus

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The book, "The Fate of AI Society," by Kenneth Hamer-Hodges argues that the unlimited digital power of centralized superusers in unsafe binary computers threatens life in an AI-empowered society. Democracy is destroyed by unresolved single failure points that lead to authoritarian control and loss of individual freedom. The outdated binary computer must evolve to offer fail-safe, data, and function-tight software modularity to catch up with superhuman AI software in the interconnected global world. Protecting individuals instead of suppliers supports democracy instead of dictators.

Easily exploited by AI malware, rampant crime in binary cyberspace dooms democratic nations to centralized industrial dictatorships. The outdated binary computer, refined during the Cold War by IBM, then Microsoft and Apple for personal computers, then Apple and Google for smartphones, uses the one-sided, unguarded von Neumann architecture that ignores the computational science of the λ-calculus. This overstretched, shared, fragile digital concoction is run by unreliable branded operating systems built as software dictators too easily attacked by malware. The central operating system has superuser privileges denied to users, allowing Ransomware to freeze the computer and demand immediate payment before disclosing business and client secrets. This is not computer science as defined by Alonzo Church and Alan Turing using the atomic nature of the scientific world.

The Church-Turing Thesis defines actual computer science as a distributed universe of flawless, individual function abstractions in private computational threads. The distributed mathematics and logic of the λ-calculus formula make this so. The privileged centralized superuser mechanisms with additional branded virtual-memory paging hardware cannot replace the loss of science that defines the λ-calculus as a fail-safe, scientific machine. In the meantime, the range of branded operating systems coalesced into a few industry dictators like Google, Apple, Oracle, and Microsoft, who rule computer science with ever-tightening grips.

Nevertheless, unsupervised sharing empowers undetected hacking, where attacks are only detected after the criminals escape scot-free. The cost to society goes beyond enormous financial loss to industrial collapse and Orwellian dictatorship. Instead of fixing the engineering problem, the monopolistic industry leaders froze their branded concoctions, preventing hardware progress from achieving the Church-Turing Thesis. Without concern for the open-ended progress or the costs of international cybercrime existentially amplified AI malware. Science is ignored as unreliable binary computers destroy the civilized world.

This man-made disaster leads to Orwellian government suppression. Dictators like Vladimir Putin in Russia, the Chinese Paramount leader Xi Jinping, Iranian's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea, suppress their citizens in Orwellian digital societies facilitated by outdated computers and amplified by the advanced software for facial recognition, deep fake autocrats, constant spying, rewriting history, and unspeakable, undetected corruption. It is a catastrophe for these citizens, and unquestionably, our enemies use insecure computers to usurp democratic nations worldwide. Alonzo Church defines binary cyberspace without the λ-calculus guard rails as a weapon of global destruction, more dangerous than the atomic bomb, and more traumatic than global warming.

The future depends on both cornerstones of computer science. The guard rails of the λ-calculus scientifically guarantee scientifically provable computational safety. The symbolically defined, modular software formula of the λ-calculus fully engineers programming as a digital science, with measured reliability, coherent digital boundaries, modular functionality, and well-defined scientific properties, just like hardware components. In short, computer science is engineered to be fail-safe because malware and cybercrimes are detected on the spot, red-handed, as the police would say. Mathematics and logic are enforced by hardware as a fully engineered Church-Turing machine. The λ-calculus simplifies the opaque branded concoctions to a few simple rules, discovered by Alonzo Church as he guided his student Alan Turing to a simple λ-engine for his masterful λ-calculus.

Alonzo's top-down vision stretches scientifically to the end of time and universal cyberspace. It inspired Alan's simple Turing machine, avoids centralization, distributes computational power incrementally, implements functional programming, creates object-oriented software modules, and symbolically distributes digital programs to private computation threads. Democratically, power is distributed atomically to the bottom-up programs as named tokens. Citizens use these immutable golden tokens like cash in society. They represent complex, programmed functions without the baggage and risks of centralization, privileged operating systems, and the branded flaws of proprietary binary computers.

The dangers of global destruction driven by AI-enabled malware and undetected digital binary corruption must be solved. It requires a digital Manhattan Project that understands computer science as the extension of private, individual citizens as independent nations. Each one has a different culture and law. Each one deserves a bill of citizens' rights, digital security, and computationally private, enforced automatically by the hardware of a Church-Turing computer throughout global cyberspace.

Alonzo Church and his postgraduate student Alan Turing founded these scientific cornerstones in 1936. Still, the Second World War got in their way when Turing returned to England, and Church became part of the first Manhattan Project. It allowed John von Neumann's ego to ignore the λ-calculus in his maniacal search for fame. This left the nascent computer industry with half of the solution unable to scale horizontally or vertically, physically or logically. Combined, as a Church-Turing machine carries the full power of mathematics and logic to individuals as private threads in dynamic computations.

Fragile, opaque centralization, when replaced by atomic distribution, creates transparent, modular, λ-calculus applications programmed and executed one function at a time. The dictatorial powers that threaten both individuals and democracy are incrementally distributed by golden tokens. These immutable symbols of power act as functional 'chains of office' democratically authorized for elected roles inherited from the fail-safe machine code of a Church-Turing machine

All this was proven in the 1970s by the first Church-Turing computer, the PP250. Power was incrementally distributed through immutable digital tokens as a namespace hierarchy of provably safe λ-calculus expressions. The golden tokens, called Capabilities, approve access rights to digital objects as dependable function abstractions. The modular software is calibrated and engineered through a measured and qualified mean-time-between-failure (MTBF). The tokens act as private, protected digital keys, allowing an owner to unlock a function. Both simple or complex abstractions work the same atomic way, allowing transparent distribution throughout cyberspace.

Empowering individuals with golden tokens ultimately places power democratically in the hands of individuals. 'We the People' runs cyberspace with guaranteed privacy and security. Cyberspace becomes a transparent, distributed, functional cyber democracy instead of a centralized digital industrial-government dictatorship.

The future of cyber society demands urgent attention. Immutable tokens that distribute power according to need all subject to democratic laws, using engineered science to automatically protect individuals and society from the dangers of AI, cybercrime, and authoritarian government. Every nation will benefit since everyone is concerned. Democracy is sustained by individuals, and everyone must help. Individuals and leaders must use their position and influence to speed the transition at home and abroad through industry and government. Urgent action before international criminals and enemies use AI and binary computers to dismantle the walls of civilization. Democracy is delicate, and this generation must fight for democracy and freedom.