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5 out of 5 stars - Review of The Fate of AI Society

Review of The Fate of AI Society

by Diana Lowery

"Unless binary computers are banned, dictatorship will take over the world." This

quote from author Kenneth James Hamer-Hodges appears in his book The Fate of

AI Society: Civilizing Superhuman Cyberspace. In his newest book, published in

September 2023, he warns about the importance of securing privacy. He

advocates adding a clause to the Bill of Rights to protect cyberspace security.

My current interest in AI Technology is a result of my role as an educator. I was

drawn to the book because of the title. The blurb on the back of the book

stated, ". . . inspiring examples that everyone can grasp." Unfortunately, I did

not find the examples easy to grasp, but I persevered to the end of the book. I

was hoping that Hamer-Hodges would finally explain how to implement the

changes that he promotes, but I was disappointed that he had no clear plan.

The fourteen chapters are organized and methodical. I like that the author

repeated his concepts as a means of reinforcement. I was also pleased that I learned historical facts

about computer programming. Who knew that one of my favorite English Romantic poets, Lord Byron,

had a daughter, Ada Lovelace, who wrote the first computer program in 1840?

Because this book contains no errors in its 154 pages, I am rating it five out of five stars. I did not

deduct for the negatives that I mentioned; other readers may not be bothered by the reading difficulty

or the lack of a solidified way to follow the author's suggestions.

The author's purpose for writing this book can be found in this quote, "I try to explain how a Dream

Machine brings together everything I learned along the way, hoping the dream will come true one day."

I will be passing this book on to my son, a software developer. Maybe he will be able to explain Hamer-

Hodge's dream to me.


The Fate of AI Society

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Re: Review of The Fate of AI Society

by Abiodunakinola

This book presents a thought-provoking warning about the potential consequences of unchecked AI

development and the need for privacy protection. The author's call to add a clause to the Bill of Rights

for cyberspace security is a compelling argument. The organized and methodical structure of the

fourteen chapters, along with historical insights into computer programming, contributes to the book's

appeal. Nice review.

Posted: 05 Nov 2023, 15:59

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